Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paper Memories {honeymoon in belize}

My team at American Greetings recently exhibited a show at the AG Gallery. The theme was "LIFE TRAVELS". I knew right away I wanted to focus on Belize where my husband and I traveled on our honeymoon (because it was so awesome in so many ways). But how can I use my pictures in a creative way?? That was the question! I decided to get messy and tear up my pictures and journal entries (copies of course!) to create something abstract. It was such a fun project, since I am used to working mainly on a computer. To complete my pieces, John, my husband, stained and sawed each frame for me.

LIFE TRAVELS: American Greetings Gallery
March 15- April 2

Manatee Road
This piece consists of layered photographs and journal entries all from my Belize honeymoon. By cutting, arranging, shaping, and placing each piece thoughtfully, I have created a new whole worth a thousand memories.

Local Celebrity
This piece is a collection of lens filtered photographs shaped into circles and assembled to a piece of canvas. Again, photos are from my honeymooon. :)

Coco Plum
This piece conveys my irresistible desire to travel and all things beautiful in nature. The background photo was taken from Coco Plum Caye in Belize, one of the best places on Earth!

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