Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some more Wedding photos from an AWESOME photographer

As some of you know, I still haven't received my Wedding pictures from the photographer... I do however have a few from her that were unedited. So, I contacted Brion Hopkins, who is the nicest person in the world. His style of editing is to resemble the effects of the "holga" camera, which you know I love. He edited a few for me and here they are:

thank you Brion!!!


Dinara Mirtalipova said...

I just LOVE your wedding pictures :))) P.S. didn't know John is such a dancer LOL :)

Courtney Page said...

Thanks Dinara!!!

Yes, John has some fancy feet when he wants to, hehe!!!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the pic of you with the corona! the effects you used are AWESOME!