Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back and READY TO RUN!

(Jacin & I in Napa Valley, woot woot!)

I had an amazing weekend in San Francisco, visiting my cousin Jacin and her fiance, Pat. Jacin, as you know is the one who inspired me to run the Marathon. After my half marathon in Cleveland a few weeks ago, I took some time off, too much time, but now.... I'm back! While in SF, we did an amazing run. 10 miles. We ran along the Bay beach and across the Golden Gate Bridge, it was nuts. The bridge is so much longer than you would think, 1.75 miles. One of the coolest things I've ever done though.

I am getting so excited to run the NYC Marathon, 26.2 miles in 5 months!!!!

But, running aside, I have also been trying to eat better and loose some weight (I know, aren't we all?). Needless to say my trip to San Fran wasn't the healthiest of weekends. I don't regret it though. We indulged. We went to Napa for a day (gorgeous!!) so that included wine obviously, cheese, sausage, more cheese, croissants, spinach dip, and to top it off pizza, yeah this is in one day. We had to go to In & Out Burger of course after our very large brunch at my cousin, which was amazing by the way...omelets, muffins, and chococalte chip banana bread! And last but not least, Pat's homemade Chicken Parm, oh it was SO good!

Indulging is definitely okay once in a while, but now it is back to reality and eating healthy and getting back on track.

Any words of wisdom out there???


See you soon. promise.

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jacin said...

Oh we had spinach dip too, haha I forgot about that!