Monday, July 13, 2009

I've fallen in love...

I literally fell in love with this scent the moment I sniffed it! I am wearing a grapefruit-mango body lotion for a little kick! here's the desciption for Philosophy, Falling in Love...

falling in love fragrance was created for one reason and one reason only... to make a woman feel and smell absolutely, positively, romantic. falling in love is a romantic fragrance that is worn by women, but loved by men and was created to give women a tool for helping balance their femininity with their sensuality.

you need this product if...
- you like lacy lingerie but don't wear it- now you can!
- you want to add a sensual evening scent to your fragrance collection
- you want to feel and smell sensual
- you are a hopeless romantic

mmm.... I'm going to smell good!!!

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