Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding Bloggers

When I first became engaged I immediately became addicted to ever Bridal magazine out there, Brides, TheKnot, Martha, Elegant Weddings, InStyle Weddings, just to name a few. I just love all the inspiration I can get! But, magazines are expensive! (hint: join your local free library!) Soon I started listening to Wedding podcasts at work... a great way to get work done and think Wedding without getting in trouble... then the Wedding Podcast Network (the BEST! podcast out there) introduced me to Wedding Blogs and I soon had about 40 different Wedding Blog sites bookmarked as my favorites that I would, and still do, tear through during my lunch break... trying to pick up as much information as my brain could possibly hold... I have so many favorite bloggers... the first is Jaime, from "It's a Jaime Thing", she was a huge inspiration to me... I also love "Wedding Chicks" for their unique vintage approach to Weddings. A couple more "She Walks in Beauty" and "The Bridal Bar"... seriously I could go on but I know I would bore the heck out of you... just start with these and you will soon find yourself lost in the Wedding Blog World...the inspiration from them is unbelieveable!

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It's A Jaime Thing said...

Oh, Courtney...bless your heart, you are just so, so sweet!!! I am so touched and honored by your kind words, it really truly made my day. Thank you so much!!!

Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"