Friday, March 6, 2009

my problem!

My problem is that I am to inspired by too many things... you wouldn't think this would be a problem, but I must be the most indecisive person on Earth...just when I finally decide on my centerpiece..I see something else that inspires me and then my mind changes completely! I'm not sure how to change this about myself, I'm 27 so I'll probably never change, soooo.....not sure what to do.....I end up getting stressed out beyond belief! But, then I remind myself WHY I am getting married and that no matter what Our Wedding is going to be awesome and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that all my dear guests have a fabulous time dancing to the beats of the steel drum while sipping a caribbean cocktail, mingling, letting loose, and in another world. That's what matters.

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jacin said...

wow - sounds like me right about now!!!!!!!!