Thursday, December 4, 2008

yummy frosting!

I am finally starting to feel much more comfortable with the way things are going. I got a lot accomplished over Turkey Day, it was perfect... I tried on my dress with my sis, 2 best friends, cousin, and aunt, I got to accesorize and bought my veil. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! I love being engaged. We picked out the bridesmaid dress, the colors are perfect, had the Caribbean tasting, so awesome and the cake is to die for! I don't want to give the flavor away, it has to be a secret! We are in the process of planing our honeymoon (freaking honeymoon!!!) which is going to be totally crazy, romantic, and adventurous. I have to say I am truly capturing each moment of the planning process...keep your eyes out for the save-the-date!