Tuesday, October 21, 2008


With still 11 months left of planning for such a huge celebration comes lots of drama. The Wedding isn't until September, yet I feel like time is flying. I'm glad all the big stuff is taken care of and all that's left is the "fun" stuff, which trust me, isn't always fun... I feel like every free second I am contemplating ideas, going back and forth. I couldn't sleep last night because of my Wedding colors and how I decided to choose an amazing "poppy" color that is bright, happy, and fun, but finding anything in this "poppy" color is near impossible, I am determined to make it happen though... I am pairing the poppy with navy so it will give our Caribbean themed Wedding a sophisticated feel as well.

So, while preparing for the big day, I have to keep in perspective the real reason behind the Celebration. I thank God for my future husband and that we are who we are and where we are. I can't wait to spend my life with him and share our goals to make our dreams come true. Together.

Planning a Wedding is definitely a trip. It is a test of patience and tolerance to the people closest to you.

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toni said...

We're color and theme twins... yay! We're doing orange and navy because my husband is in Aviation, and a sophisticated island theme, because I'm from an island :-D

Good luck with the planning! My wedding is two short months away :-/